Two days for the curious ones, for those who, in front of a closed door, dream about a secret garden.

Interno Verde is the festival that exceptionally opens to the public the most suggestive and curious private gardens of Ferrara, Mantova and Parma.

Elegant renaissance courts, medieval vegetable gardens, urban arboretums and little blooming oasis, normally hidden to the view by palace’s facades and surroundings walls, once a year they open their doors and gates. For a weekend, the intimate and private space becomes a shared place. The cities change their faces during the event, letting themselves be read and be crossed in an original way, revealing a surprising and precious plant collection, rich in beauty and memory. Each garden tell a story, explore a past moment or open a window on the present. It expresses the character and soul of those who created and cared for it over the time, and it suggests paths and strategies for the future sustainability of the historic center