ferrara open its gardens

Do you want to love a garden?

It's easy, just fill out in the footer. For Info: staff@internoverde.it

L’associazione ilturco, che sabato 12 e domenica 13 settembre organizza a Ferrara il festival Interno Verde, è felice di coinvolgere tutti i ragazzi tra i 16 e i 30 anni interessati al verde urbano.

How can I apply?

Per candidarsi basta compilare il modulo che si trova su questa pagina.

What will be my role during the festival?

Each volunteer will be assigned to a garden, in which he must:

  • check that the space is respected;
  • check that visitors wear the bracelet of the festival (which allows access to the gardens);
  • give information about the garden and the festival (no special botanical or architectural skills are needed, the site cards will be sent by email).
but will I be alone?

No, in every garden there will be from 2 to 6 volunteers, which will alternate between the control of the entrances and the interior space.

How long will it take?

Volunteers will be present on both days of the festival. The opening hours of the gardens are: from 10am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm. Volunteers are asked to be on site half an hour before both morning and afternoon, and be available in the evening until half an hour after closing.

Is the volunteer paid?

If he were paid he would not volunteer. Actively participating in Interno Verde means committing some time and energy to the city. The festival to thank all the boys and all the girls who will contribute to the event organizes as usual a party on Sunday evening. Insurance coverage is obviously guaranteed.

Are there any formation meeting ?

Two training meetings are planned: an informal one in August and a more in-depth one in early September, during which all the information on how the festival will work will be provided.

if I still have any doubts?

For any doubt or need you can write to staff@internoverde.it.

Interno verde is an initiative created and curated by the association ILTURCO, for info: www.ilturco.it