Saturday 26th and sunday 27th September 2020

The ticket is usable both on Saturday and on Sunday. It costs 10 euro, children under 13y/o are free. Disabled people and their carers will have a reduced ticket of 5euro each. Groups of 25 members or more will pay 8 euro each participant if they book them before the event writing an email at


It will be possible to register in person in Mantua at the Old Newspaper Stand in Piazza Canossa, from Monday 14th to Thursday 24th September, every day, including holidays, from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 7pm.
From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September, the same infopoint will be open without a lunch break from 9am to 7pm.

Saturday, September 26th, in conjunction with Orti Mantovani, will be available from 9am to 7pm an additional infopoint within the Valentini Gardens, which can be accessed from both Via Vittorio Emanuele II 52 and Via Anton Maria Viani.


You can register online now via Paypal (which provides a small surcharge for the service) by filling out the form below. Once the procedure is completed a confirmation email will arrive.

Per ritirare il kit prenotato online basterà recarsi presso l’infopoint di piazza Canossa, allestito presso l’Antica Edicola dei Giornali, e comunicare nome e cognome di chi ha effettuato l’iscrizione. Non serve stampare la mail ricevuta.

L’infopoint sarà a disposizione tutti i giorni, festivi compresi, da venerdì 28 agosto a venerdì 25 settembre, dalle 10 alle 13 e dalle 17 alle 19. Nei giorni del festival – sabato 26 e domenica 27 settembre – l’infopoint sarà aperto dalle 9 alle 19, orario continuato.

I libri in onaggio sono terminati ma potrai ritirare il braccialetto per accedere ai giardini e la mappa del festival presso l'infopoint di piazza Canossa. Ci vediamo nei giardini!

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The organisers will take photos and videos during the weekend to backup the event.

For any questions do not hesitate to get in touch at

Interno verde is an initiative created and curated by the association ILTURCO, for info: